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Hi! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been keeping busy with lots of other stuff. Recently, I’ve been encouraged by some buddies to post recipes for some of the food I’ve been cooking, even if the photos were only taken with my phone. So now, here it is! Growing […]

It’s almost spring & it certainly feels like it already. My friend Gowri, who’s vegan, came over for a visit today. I wanted to make her something yummy for merienda so I tried out this thumbprint cookie recipe. I substituted more pecans in place of the rolled oats as I only had 1/2 a cup left. […]

My friend Ding (who recently moved to Amsterdam) shared this recipe with me a few months ago. I finally got around to making it so I jotted down the measurements, added a couple of ingredients & now I am sharing it with you. [ Ingredients ] – 2 beets, peeled with a vegetable peeler & sliced […]

Garlicky Hummus

16, Jul 2010

We love hummus! Our favorite kind to get is Asmar’s Extra Garlic Hommus which is a local brand here in the D.C. area. I always read the ingredients when we buy most anything and I noticed that hummus didn’t have that many so I thought I’d try making hummus at home & here is what […]

Green Smoothie #1

8, Jul 2010

When I went to visit the Philippines a couple of months ago, I was introduced to breakfast smoothies by our fabulous Subic Bay hosts Corey & Mona. They used romaine lettuce, spinach or kale & whatever fruit they had at hand. I’ve been hooked since!  So (almost) everyday, O & I have smoothies for breakfast. […]


24, Jun 2010

No, not Creedence Clearwater Revival but Ms. Julie Yoder‘s yummy dish called “Cashew, Chick Pea, Rice”. I had the pleasure of tasting this dish at last Saturday’s Girls Rock! D.C. volunteer orientation. It’s super easy to make yet very satisfying. [ Ingredients ] – 3 cups cooked brown rice (J. Yo’s dish calls for 2 […]

Happy new year! I’ve been craving my family’s chicken adobo but since O doesn’t eat meat, I thought I’d use the same ingredients but with tofu instead of chicken & voila! By the way, the cauliflower I used in this photo came from the farmers market. It looks a bit more yellow/orange but tastes the […]

Naomi’s Kimbap

1, Nov 2009

Our friend Naomi came over recently & showed us how to make  kimbap (thank you!). My rolling skills are really bad but they tasted yummy anyways. We forgot the seedless cucumbers but you should try putting them in yours. [ Ingredients ] – frozen spinach, thawed – kamaboko (fish cake), thawed – 4 cups of […]

I got this recipe from my friend Dave (Happy Birthday!). He got the recipe from here except he adds chocolates & nuts to his version so I modified the recipe to how we make it at home. I made it a couple of times with chocolate soy milk & that was really yummy too. [ Ingredients […]

We didn’t have much in the fridge except for almost wilted salad greens & green beans that day, neither of which I wanted to go to waste so I put together a cold pasta salad dish that came out really yummy. I didn’t get to measure any of this as I was just winging it. […]